Prost- Aid


Prost-Aid All Natural High Potency Formula by VITAGLOBAL 60 Capsules

Product description:

Prost-aid Capsules is a natural effective supplement, using a special blend of plant sterols, saw palmetto with Isoflavones, Selenium, Zinc and Beta-Sitosterol, to help support a healthy prostate function.

Prost-Aid All Natural High Potency Formula capsule is perfectly balanced with key potent yet gentle ingredients to help maintain and boost prostate health. It contains a daily amount of 200mg of Saw Palmetto to help maintain healthy urinal flow and prostate function.

Beta-Sitosterol is a plant sterol chosen for its superior prostate health properties.

Clinical studies for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) have shown plant sterols to significanlty improve prostatic function. They studies suggest that plant sterols affect the enlarged prostate producing symptomatic relief and offer an effective option in the treatment of BPH.

A study by Klippel et al concludes that “beta-sitosterol is an effective option in the treatment of BPH.” Meanwhile, an 18 month double blind clinical trial by Berges et al reported that the “beneficial effects of beta-sitosterol treatment recorded in the 6-month double-blind trial were maintained for 18 months”.

About the Product:

  •     Helps Support & Maintain a Healthy Prostate.
  •     Helps Relieve Urination Issues.
  •     Supports Healthy Urine Flow & Maintain Healthy Bladder Control
  •     Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans
  •     Natural prostate supplement for men looking to restore normal prostate health
  •     Aids in better sleeping habits by reducing the urge to urinate -100% natural and fast acting
  •     Get back to life and take control of your prostate health